Big kids... and little ones too!

Anyone aged 8 years old with a minimum height of 1.2 metres or above is able to race.

We offer a safer "kids" speed for first time racers and with our booster seats and extender pedals they are good to go. We take the kids through a video briefing and then get them to demonstrate some basic skills on our demo kart before we take them out onto the track. Whilst racing, our friendly staff offer tips and hints to ensure they have a good time. 

Young one's with a need for speed and race skill can earn the right to race on our standard kart speed and even our "black card" speed karts.


'Race' on down for a party! 

With some great party packages on offer, a brand new arcade room under development, a photo wall; which offers great entertainment and fantastic funny photo opportunities, there's no better place to have a kids Birthday Party.

Kids can compete with their friends to be the fastest on the track with up to 12 racing at once. And for afterwards, bring some cake and enjoy our race themed function room or undercover BBQ area overlooking the track. 

So, if you're looking for a party to remember please send all Kids Party requests and inquiries to or call us on (07) 846 6455.


Having a Party at the track for the kids? You can print out our invitation letter, just download it here



Children racing policy

Children racing need to be 8 years old and at least 1.2 metres tall.

Parents can race against the little ones but we prefer this to be during our quiet times so it is safer and the kids are not intimidated by others.

To ensure all our customers are safe and having fun we endeavour to reduce the amount of children & adult race mixes whenever possible.

We do this by:

Offering family oriented race sessions  10am - 12pm on Sundays and 12pm - 5pm on weekdays. Bookings are essential.

Children can race anytime if they have a booking of 12 or more drivers (can be a mix of adults and children). The booking of 12 drivers must agree to race with the children in the safest possible manner.

If you bring your child to race and there is no bookings or other racers you are welcome to race. (Our quieter times are 12pm - 6pm weekdays




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