Children racing policy

Children racing need to be 8 years old and at least 1.3 metres tall.

To ensure all our customers are safe and having fun we endeavour to reduce the amount of children + adult race mixes whenever possible. 

We do this by:

Offering family oriented race sessions  10am - 12pm on Sundays and 12pm - 5pm on weekdays. Bookings are essential.

Not allowing kids to race on Saturdays. 

Children can race anytime if they have a booking of 12 or more drivers (can be a mix of adults and children). . The booking of 12 drivers must agree to race with the children in the safest possible manner.


If you bring your child to race and there is no bookings or other racers you are welcome to race. (Our quieter times are 12pm - 6pm weekdays)

Childrens Parties

Blastacars is the perfect place for birthday parties, and even better with this deal! Valid for a minimum group of 12 (parents included). Children racing need to be aged between 8 to 12 years (children must be at least 1.3 metres tall).

Racing priced at $40 for 30 minutes of racing per child. Any adults wishing to join the racing can for $50 for 30 minutes of racing

Plus you get the following;
- Party room hire including BBQ use. (You provide your own food) 
- Race themed décor
- Free ping pong and foosball
- Drift training and briefings from our friendly staff
- Blasta Kids Surprise Gift Pack for one with a mix of random Blastacars loot such as race gloves, stickers, air fresheners medals and more.  (Additional available for $10)
- Up to 7hp karts depending on skill level

- Not valid on Saturdays

- Children must be at least 1.3 metres tall and aged from 8 – 12 years old
- Minimum of 12 racers needed to get the special (parents & older siblings can be included)
- Speed of kart is set according to driver’s skill level
- No refunds given to children who change their mind at the start of or during their race
- If you are having a birthday party with us and want to send out invitations, you can download it here!
- We do not provide food, cutlery or dishes. 
- There may be variation in speeds and ages of drivers on the track with you. 
- Discount for groups of 10 or more do not apply.

- Race is strictly 30 minutes straight, no breaks, or changeovers


Please send all Kids Party requests to


Blastacars Lucky Dip

Included for the Winner of the 'Blastacars Children's Party' above. Or with any regular priced race session purchase, get the Kids looking like pro drifters with our Blasta Kids Lucky Dip. For only $10 they can get one of our Lucky Dips which are a mix of some of our awesome Blastacars loot such as race gloves, stickers, die cast Blastacars Medals, air fresheners and more!



Build up your kids’ confidence in not only driving, but racing and drifting with our Junior Drift Academy. We run 4-week Drift Academy courses, with 1 hour classes on Tuesdays. Parents can even slip away for some quiet time and leave them in our drift instructors’ capable hands.

Classes include:

  • Drivers welcome / safety briefing

  • Track walk through

  • Track session 1 - Warm up

  • Evaluation 1 - Group Feedback

  • Track session 2 - Reaction Testing

  • Track session 3 - Follow Instructor

  • Evaluation 2 - Individual Feedback

  • Track session 4 - Final Practice

Good drifters will be rewarded with a special license which allows kids to race any time with adults (we have restricted sessions for kid racers, but this license qualifies them to race any time)

Contact us to find out our next course dates.

Classes run from 5pm - 6pm on Tuesdays within the courses 4 weeks.

 Pay $30 per class, or $100 for the programme.


Conditions apply.



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