We recommend making a booking before you come and race to avoid disappointment, feel free to give us a call or send an e-mail.


We have different speeds for different needs. So the little kid putting around slowly is not going to be charged the same as the pro drifting it up! Here are our casual rates, or scroll down to see our group specials. Bookings essential.

CHILDREN:  A safe introductory setting for first time racers. (Children must be 8 years plus and 130cm or taller to race.) Limited speed gives racers a feel for drifting with a small amount of traction loss if they hold the accelerator on corners. Please check out our CHILDREN section for more information, as we have specific race times for our young drivers.

STANDARD: Where the real fun begins. Our 270cc Honda Engine kart that offers an adrenaline pumping ride. With this much power don't expect to be able to hold the accelerator the entire time! You'll need throttle control and steering skill to slide this kart around the track.

PRO: For the Blastacars® regular. Our 390cc Honda Engine kart, by far the most powerful karting option available at a karting location anywhere! For this you need to acquire our Black Card license. To learn about getting your black card license click here.

Or choose from one of the options below for our special rates: 



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