Our karts have been hand built and developed here in New Zealand since 1987. Not to be confused with a regular Go Kart, these are custom made to drift karts that offer you a unique and thrilling drive experience. Our karts are longer and thinner than a Go Kart allowing for a comfortable ride position and easier overtaking. Our unique surface and kart mean you can drift and slide around our track whilst maintaining control. Steering and handling the karts is surprisingly easy and not as tiring on the arms like a Go Kart. We care about customer safety and our karts are developed to offer a safe thrill, that's why they are Worksafe certified and Qualmark certified .


Speed options

Blastacars Drift Karts provides multiple speed options. From young beginners to professional drifters, we have options to suit and thrill a wide range of driver experiences.

Kids Speed (For ages 8 - 12)

Blastacars are one of the few karting tracks that allow 8 year olds to race and they can even race with their parents (bookings essential and height restrictions apply). Our safe OSH certified Karts allow this with a combination of booster seats and extender pedals. We start first time Children aged 8 - 12 on our Kids speed. This is a safe and controllable speed that gives Children a taste for racing and a hint of what it feels like for a kart to drift. If Children are clearly in control and confident on this speed they will have this noted on there profiles and can then try our Standard speed karts. 

Standard Speed

The Standard Speed is in reference to our 270CC Honda Engine, Blastacars Drift Kart. This is an exciting race experience with a solid performing engine more powerful than an average Go Kart so don't think you can just hold your accelerator around the whole track! There is enough power to send your karts sliding into corners. You will need to give a good amount of counter steer and throttle control to ensure you can maintain the drift on a corner and then with a quick switch you will be drifting into the next!

Pro Speed

Our Pro Speed puts drivers behind our 390CC Honda Engine, Blastacars Drift Kart. This is a true adrenaline pumping, thrilling experience. The pure torque from the engine will give you a massive rush and the angle of drift possible from this kart is exhilarating. This is a lot of power for a kart and not easy to control which is why you need to earn a "Black Card" license to drive them. See below.

The Black Card License and How to get it

Our Black Card License is rewarded to confident racers at our tracks and allows them to experience the thrill of our 390cc Pro Speed karts. This License is valid at all tracks with the physical license. To earn this we recommend a minimum of 3 visits before trialling.  This is what is considered when trialling:

- You can maintain continuous and consistent drifting on the race line

- You can avoid contact with other racers and are evasive and quick to react to any situations on the track

- You obey all of the track marshal's rules and are respectful

- You don't spin out when racing

If you are confident you can achieve this on our standard speed karts then come to the track and if there are not big bookings or if it is not too busy (Feel free to call and check in advance). You then ask to purchase a standard session and tell the cashier you are interested in being trialled for your Black Card. During this session a track marshal will watch your driving and assess, they may also pull you over to offer advise and suggestions for helping you to pass your trial. At the end of the session they will tell you if you have passed or not. If you have you will be rewarded with a physical license and it will also be noted on the tracks system, if not you will be informed of what you need to work on before trailing again.


Blastacars 'Black Card' policy for use at other tracks.

The Blastacars® Black Card allows the holder to drive the Pro karts at the track it was given to only. This can be revoked at staffs discretion for bad driving. It does not guarantee immediate access to the Pro Karts at other tracks due to the uniqueness of the tracks. You will be advised of the requirements at the other track you visit for driving their pro karts. The decision is at the discretion of the individual tracks management.